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KCS Rules

Code of Conduct2023-09-07T00:00:59+00:00

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) is committed to fostering a positive and respectful environment for all participants, including competitors, crews, judges, event organizers, staff, and spectators. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have established this Code of Conduct. By participating in KCS events, you agree to adhere to the following principles:

1. Respect and Sportsmanship:

1.1. Treat all participants, regardless of their role or background, with respect and courtesy.

1.2. Display good sportsmanship at all times, win or lose.

1.3. Refrain from any form of discrimination, harassment, hate speech, or disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and bullying.

2. Fair Competition:

2.1. Compete with integrity and honesty. Do not engage in cheating, rigging, or any form of dishonest conduct.

2.2. Follow the established rules and guidelines of each KCS event.

2.3. Accept the decisions of judges and event organizers, even if you disagree, and refrain from arguing or disputing their rulings during the event.

3. Safety:

3.1. Prioritize safety above all else. Do not engage in any actions that may harm yourself or others.

3.2. Follow any safety instructions provided by event organizers and staff.

4. Positive Atmosphere:

4.1. Help create a positive and inclusive atmosphere at KCS events. Encourage and support fellow participants.

4.2. Avoid disruptive behavior, including heckling, booing, or any conduct that may disturb the competition or upset others.

5. Ethical Conduct:

5.1. Avoid any actions that could damage the reputation of KCS or the krump dance community.

5.2. Respect intellectual property rights, including music and choreography copyrights.

6. Reporting Violations:

6.1. If you witness a violation of this Code of Conduct, report it to event organizers or staff promptly.

6.2. Do not engage in vigilantism or retaliation. Let event organizers and staff handle any issues.

7. Consequences of Violations:

7.1. Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in consequences, including warnings, point deductions, disqualification from events, or banning from future KCS events.

8. Appeals:

8.1. If you believe you have been unfairly penalized or treated, you may submit an appeal according to the established KCS appeals process.

9. Compliance with Local Laws:

9.1. Participants must comply with all local laws and regulations while attending KCS events.

This Code of Conduct is intended to create a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all involved in the Krump Championship Series. Violations of this Code may result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by KCS organizers. We encourage all participants to uphold the values of respect, sportsmanship, and positive engagement while participating in KCS events.

Ranking System Guidelines2023-09-06T23:56:54+00:00

Rule Number: KCS-006

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Overview:

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) ranking system is designed to recognize and reward the performance and consistency of competitors and crews throughout KCS events. These rules outline the guidelines for the KCS ranking system.

2. Points Allocation:

2.1. Points will be awarded to competitors and crews based on their performance in KCS events. The number of points awarded will vary depending on the final placement.

2.2. The point allocation system will be specified in the event guidelines, and it may include bonus points for achievements like winning rounds or events.

3. Event Categories:

3.1. KCS events may include various categories, such as solo, duo, and crew competitions.

3.2. Different categories may have separate ranking systems, and competitors should review event-specific guidelines for details.

4. Cumulative Points:

4.1. Points earned in each KCS event will accumulate over time to determine competitors’ and crews’ overall rankings.

4.2. Cumulative points will be used to determine invitations to special events, championships, or other opportunities.

5. Tiebreakers:

5.1. In the event of a tie in the rankings, the following tiebreakers may be applied, as specified in the event guidelines:

a. Total wins in KCS events. b. Average score in the most recent events. c. Head-to-head performance between tied competitors or crews.

6. Event Participation:

6.1. To be eligible for points, competitors and crews must participate in KCS events according to the established rules and guidelines.

6.2. Non-participation in a specific event or round will result in zero points for that round.

7. Seasonal Rankings:

7.1. KCS may implement seasonal rankings to track performance over a defined period.

7.2. Seasonal rankings can lead to invitations to championship events or other recognition.

8. Transparency:

8.1. Event organizers must provide competitors and crews with information about the point allocation system, tiebreakers, and how points will be calculated.

9. Appeals:

9.1. Competitors or crews may submit appeals related to points allocation or ranking discrepancies according to the established KCS appeals process.

10. Point Deductions:

10.1. Point deductions may be applied for violations of event-specific rules, the KCS Code of Conduct, or other infractions as outlined in the event guidelines.

11. Points Reset:

11.1. At the end of each season or specified period, points may be reset to start fresh rankings for the next season or period.

12. Final Rankings:

12.1. The final rankings at the end of the season or period will determine invitations, prizes, and recognition for competitors and crews.

13. Amendments:

13.1. KCS reserves the right to modify the ranking system and its rules as necessary to ensure fairness and relevance to the competition.

The KCS ranking system is essential for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of competitors and crews. These rules provide a framework to ensure that the ranking system is fair, transparent, and continually evolving to meet the needs of the krump dance community.

Judge Guidelines and Responsibilities2023-09-06T23:51:52+00:00

Rule Number: KCS-003

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Overview:

Judges play a crucial role in maintaining fairness and integrity during the Krump Championship Series (KCS) competitions. These rules outline the guidelines and responsibilities for judges participating in KCS events.

2. Qualifications:

2.1. Judges must have a deep understanding of krump dance, its history, and its cultural significance.

2.2. Judges should have relevant experience in krump dance, such as participation in battles, teaching, or judging at other competitions.

3. Impartiality:

3.1. Judges must remain impartial and unbiased throughout the competition.

3.2. Any conflicts of interest, including personal relationships with competitors, must be disclosed to event organizers before the judging process begins.

4. Judge Selection:

4.1. KCS event organizers are responsible for selecting and appointing judges for each competition.

4.2. Judges should be selected based on their expertise, experience, and impartiality.

5. Judging Criteria:

5.1. Judges must use the criteria specified in the event guidelines to evaluate performances. Common criteria include creativity, technique, musicality, and stage presence.

5.2. Judges should use the provided scoring system to assign scores to each competitor’s performance.

6. Scoring Process:

6.1. Judges must score performances objectively, considering the established criteria rather than personal preferences.

6.2. Scores should be provided promptly after each performance, and judges should be prepared to defend their scores if necessary.

7. Feedback:

7.1. Judges may be asked to provide constructive feedback to competitors after each round, focusing on areas of improvement and strengths.

7.2. Feedback should be delivered professionally and respectfully.

8. Confidentiality:

8.1. Judges must keep their scores and deliberations confidential until the results are officially announced by event organizers.

9. Decisions:

9.1. Judges’ decisions are final and not subject to appeal during the event.

9.2. Judges should avoid engaging in disputes or arguments with competitors, coaches, or spectators regarding their scoring decisions.

10. Scoring Consistency:

10.1. Judges must strive for consistency in scoring throughout the competition.

10.2. If discrepancies in scoring arise, judges should discuss and resolve them with the guidance of the head judge or event organizers.

11. Professionalism:

11.1. Judges must conduct themselves professionally and respectfully toward competitors, event staff, and spectators.

11.2. Judges should avoid making derogatory or disrespectful comments about any competitor’s performance.

12. Code of Conduct:

12.1. Judges must adhere to the KCS Code of Conduct, which includes guidelines on ethics and behavior.

13. Training and Development:

13.1. Judges are encouraged to continue their education and development in krump dance to stay updated with evolving styles and trends.

These rules ensure that judges for the Krump Championship Series maintain high standards of fairness, expertise, and professionalism. Judges play a vital role in the success and credibility of KCS events, and adherence to these guidelines is essential for a successful competition.




Dance Round Procedures2023-09-06T23:48:29+00:00

Rule Number: KCS-002

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Overview:

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) dance rounds are the heart of our competitions. These rules outline the procedures and guidelines for how each dance round will be conducted to ensure fair and exciting competitions.

2. Round Format:

2.1. Each KCS event may consist of multiple rounds, including preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals, as specified in the event guidelines.

2.2. Rounds may vary in duration, style, or format, and participants should refer to the specific event rules for details.

3. Music Selection:

3.1. Event organizers will provide the music for each round. Participants must dance to the designated music.

3.2. Competitors are not allowed to choose their own music or use external devices during their performances.

4. Performance Order:

4.1. The performance order for each round will be determined by random draw or as specified in the event guidelines.

4.2. Competitors must be present and ready to perform when their name is called. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from that round.

5. Time Limits:

5.1. Each participant’s performance duration will be specified in the event guidelines.

5.2. Participants must adhere to the time limit. Going over the time limit may result in point deductions or disqualification for that round.

6. Scoring:

6.1. Judges will score each performance based on criteria such as creativity, technique, musicality, and stage presence, as outlined in the event guidelines.

6.2. Scores may be displayed publicly or kept confidential until the end of the round, as determined by event organizers.

7. Ties:

7.1. In the event of a tie, the tied competitors may be asked to participate in a tiebreaker round or a sudden-death performance, as specified in the event rules.

8. Judging Panel:

8.1. The judging panel will consist of experienced individuals with knowledge of krump dance and event-specific criteria.

8.2. Judges’ decisions are final and not subject to appeal during the event.

9. Crowd Interaction:

9.1. Competitors are encouraged to engage with the crowd and create an energetic atmosphere but must do so within the boundaries of respect and sportsmanship.

10. Costume and Props:

10.1. Participants are allowed to wear costumes or attire of their choice, but costumes should adhere to event guidelines and respect cultural sensitivities.

10.2. The use of props may be allowed, but participants must obtain prior approval from event organizers.

11. Disqualifications:

11.1. Participants may be disqualified from a round for violating event-specific rules or the KCS Code of Conduct.

12. Appeals:

12.1. Participants may submit appeals related to scoring discrepancies or rule violations according to the established KCS appeals process.

These rules are designed to ensure that the dance rounds in the Krump Championship Series are conducted fairly and professionally. Participants should review event-specific guidelines for any additional details or variations specific to each competition.

Player Conduct and Sportsmanship2023-09-06T23:44:55+00:00

Rule Title: Player Conduct and Sportsmanship

Rule Number: KCS-001

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Purpose:

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) values fair play, respect, and sportsmanship. This rule is established to ensure that all participants in KCS events conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the integrity and positive spirit of our competitions.

2. General Conduct:

2.1. All participants, including competitors, coaches, and spectators, must conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times during KCS events.

2.2. Discriminatory, harassing, or disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate speech, will not be tolerated.

2.3. Participants are expected to follow the directions of event organizers, judges, and staff members promptly.

3. Competitor Conduct:

3.1. Competitors must treat their fellow competitors with respect, fairness, and courtesy.

3.2. Unsportsmanlike conduct during a performance, such as taunting, excessive aggression, or inappropriate gestures, may result in penalties or disqualification.

4. Spectator Conduct:

4.1. Spectators are expected to support all competitors and maintain a positive atmosphere at KCS events.

4.2. Spectators must refrain from engaging in disruptive behavior, including heckling, booing, or any conduct that may disrupt the competition or disturb other attendees.

5. Consequences of Violations:

5.1. Any participant found in violation of this rule may face consequences, including but not limited to warnings, point deductions, disqualification from the event, or banning from future KCS events.

6. Reporting Violations:

6.1. Participants and attendees are encouraged to report violations of this rule to event organizers or staff members promptly.

7. Appeals:

7.1. Participants may appeal decisions related to violations of this rule in accordance with the established KCS appeals process.

8. Amendments:

8.1. KCS reserves the right to amend this rule as necessary to address new circumstances or ensure fair competition. Amendments will be communicated to all participants.

9. Final Authority:

9.1. The event organizers and judges have the final authority to interpret and enforce this rule during KCS events.

This rule is essential for maintaining the high standards of sportsmanship and respect within the Krump Championship Series. Violations will be taken seriously and addressed promptly to ensure a positive and fair competition environment for all participants and attendees.

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