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What do we stand for?

The Krump Championship Series stands as a beacon of excellence and authenticity in the world of Krump. We are dedicated to providing a world-class platform for Krumpers to showcase their talent, express their authenticity, and inspire the global Krump community. With our core values as our compass, we are committed to shaping the future of Krump and celebrating the remarkable talent that defines it. Together, we will continue to raise the bar and elevate the art of krump to new heights

What is our mission?

At the Krump Championship Series, our mission is to elevate the art of Krump by providing a top-tier battle circuit that showcases world-level talent. We are committed to fostering a global community of Krumpers, promoting the art form’s authenticity, and creating a platform where dancers can express themselves, push their limits, and inspire others. In pursuit of our mission, we will continue to raise the bar, push the boundaries, and provide a platform where Krumpers can shine.

Where are we heading?

The Krump Championship Series has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of krump, celebrating authenticity, and providing a platform for world-level krump talent. As we reflect on our journey and look toward the future, we are excited to share our vision for expansion through innovating the Krump Experience, cultivating local talent, expanding our reach, education and empowerment, community building, and inclusivity and diversity

Who Runs The Organization?

The Krump Championship Series takes pride in its commitment to transparent and community-driven leadership. We believe that our organization’s strength lies in its ability to reflect the voices, experiences, and aspirations of the Krump community it serves. We take great pride in being a community-driven organization, committed to transparency, inclusivity, and authenticity. Our leadership and governance structures are designed to serve the best interests of the Krump community and to ensure that the Krump Championship Series remains a trusted and responsive entity within the world of Krump.

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