Rule Number: KCS-006

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Overview:

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) ranking system is designed to recognize and reward the performance and consistency of competitors and crews throughout KCS events. These rules outline the guidelines for the KCS ranking system.

2. Points Allocation:

2.1. Points will be awarded to competitors and crews based on their performance in KCS events. The number of points awarded will vary depending on the final placement.

2.2. The point allocation system will be specified in the event guidelines, and it may include bonus points for achievements like winning rounds or events.

3. Event Categories:

3.1. KCS events may include various categories, such as solo, duo, and crew competitions.

3.2. Different categories may have separate ranking systems, and competitors should review event-specific guidelines for details.

4. Cumulative Points:

4.1. Points earned in each KCS event will accumulate over time to determine competitors’ and crews’ overall rankings.

4.2. Cumulative points will be used to determine invitations to special events, championships, or other opportunities.

5. Tiebreakers:

5.1. In the event of a tie in the rankings, the following tiebreakers may be applied, as specified in the event guidelines:

a. Total wins in KCS events. b. Average score in the most recent events. c. Head-to-head performance between tied competitors or crews.

6. Event Participation:

6.1. To be eligible for points, competitors and crews must participate in KCS events according to the established rules and guidelines.

6.2. Non-participation in a specific event or round will result in zero points for that round.

7. Seasonal Rankings:

7.1. KCS may implement seasonal rankings to track performance over a defined period.

7.2. Seasonal rankings can lead to invitations to championship events or other recognition.

8. Transparency:

8.1. Event organizers must provide competitors and crews with information about the point allocation system, tiebreakers, and how points will be calculated.

9. Appeals:

9.1. Competitors or crews may submit appeals related to points allocation or ranking discrepancies according to the established KCS appeals process.

10. Point Deductions:

10.1. Point deductions may be applied for violations of event-specific rules, the KCS Code of Conduct, or other infractions as outlined in the event guidelines.

11. Points Reset:

11.1. At the end of each season or specified period, points may be reset to start fresh rankings for the next season or period.

12. Final Rankings:

12.1. The final rankings at the end of the season or period will determine invitations, prizes, and recognition for competitors and crews.

13. Amendments:

13.1. KCS reserves the right to modify the ranking system and its rules as necessary to ensure fairness and relevance to the competition.

The KCS ranking system is essential for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of competitors and crews. These rules provide a framework to ensure that the ranking system is fair, transparent, and continually evolving to meet the needs of the krump dance community.