Rule Number: KCS-002

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

1. Overview:

The Krump Championship Series (KCS) dance rounds are the heart of our competitions. These rules outline the procedures and guidelines for how each dance round will be conducted to ensure fair and exciting competitions.

2. Round Format:

2.1. Each KCS event may consist of multiple rounds, including preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals, as specified in the event guidelines.

2.2. Rounds may vary in duration, style, or format, and participants should refer to the specific event rules for details.

3. Music Selection:

3.1. Event organizers will provide the music for each round. Participants must dance to the designated music.

3.2. Competitors are not allowed to choose their own music or use external devices during their performances.

4. Performance Order:

4.1. The performance order for each round will be determined by random draw or as specified in the event guidelines.

4.2. Competitors must be present and ready to perform when their name is called. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from that round.

5. Time Limits:

5.1. Each participant’s performance duration will be specified in the event guidelines.

5.2. Participants must adhere to the time limit. Going over the time limit may result in point deductions or disqualification for that round.

6. Scoring:

6.1. Judges will score each performance based on criteria such as creativity, technique, musicality, and stage presence, as outlined in the event guidelines.

6.2. Scores may be displayed publicly or kept confidential until the end of the round, as determined by event organizers.

7. Ties:

7.1. In the event of a tie, the tied competitors may be asked to participate in a tiebreaker round or a sudden-death performance, as specified in the event rules.

8. Judging Panel:

8.1. The judging panel will consist of experienced individuals with knowledge of krump dance and event-specific criteria.

8.2. Judges’ decisions are final and not subject to appeal during the event.

9. Crowd Interaction:

9.1. Competitors are encouraged to engage with the crowd and create an energetic atmosphere but must do so within the boundaries of respect and sportsmanship.

10. Costume and Props:

10.1. Participants are allowed to wear costumes or attire of their choice, but costumes should adhere to event guidelines and respect cultural sensitivities.

10.2. The use of props may be allowed, but participants must obtain prior approval from event organizers.

11. Disqualifications:

11.1. Participants may be disqualified from a round for violating event-specific rules or the KCS Code of Conduct.

12. Appeals:

12.1. Participants may submit appeals related to scoring discrepancies or rule violations according to the established KCS appeals process.

These rules are designed to ensure that the dance rounds in the Krump Championship Series are conducted fairly and professionally. Participants should review event-specific guidelines for any additional details or variations specific to each competition.